BVFC Weddings Team!

Wedding season launches in t-minus 7 days for BVFC!  This one will be a doozy - we have back to back weddings from July to October, and many multiple wedding weekends.  Instead of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to knock it out of the park for each of our amazing couples single-handedly, we'll be welcoming both Toni & Colleen to the BVFC Team for the wedding season.  They'll be helping with all the behind the scenes goings ons that comes along with weddings:  flower pick-ups, processing, taking out the trash, making 100 or so boutonnieres (seriously), tying ribbons, loading the BVFC mobile, etc, etc.  We're so excited to have a few extra hands to help wow our clients. Thanks so much ladies!   Cue flower mugshots.