Name: Michelle
Title: Owner/Designer/Bill-Payer/Boss
Previous Job: 10 years of baby-wrangling as an Early Childhood Educator.
First Floristry Job: Trekking into the bush and filling garbage bags full of moss for $20 a bag for a florist in West Vancouver at the ripe old age of 5. Definitely my entrepreneurial Dad’s idea.
Death Row Meal: Tacofino
Favourite Flower: Ranunculus & Spirea
Ideal Saturday Night: Early Punk-rock show followed by hotel room sleepover watching Cops/Antiques Road Show with my bestie.


Name: Ali
Title: Shop Bitch/Manager/Designer
Previous Job: Starving Art Student
First Floristry Job: Neighbourhood sketch artist (I’d break into the neighbours gardens and draw flowers)
Death Row Meal: Spaghetti with fresh parm (none of the grated powder crap)
Favourite Flower: Grape Hyacinth & Dahlias
Ideal Saturday Night: Bar with my girlfriends and tucked into bed at a reasonable hour with my boyfriend and my kitty.


Name: Eryn
Title: Jill of All Trades/Jr. Designer/Resident outdoor plant guru/Occasional Delivery Gal
Previous Job: Still working all of them!
First Floristry Job: Lilac-forager (I’d hide in the lilac bushes in our yard to enjoy their scent then snip them and hide them all over the house.)
Death Row Meal: Homemade mac and cheese with cornflakes and cheese baked on the top, a glass of good red and popcorn for dessert.
Favourite Flower: Lavender
Ideal Saturday Night: Cozy night in with the couch, a blanket, candlelight, fireplace on, music, popcorn, wine and a good book.